About Us

Owner Mike Werner, and his dog Murphy

Owner Mike Werner, and his dog Murphy

What Makes Us Exceptional

We believe every home and every business is unique. Your needs and concerns are not the same as everyone else’s and should not be treated as such. We will truthfully answer your questions, offer options, and guarantee our work. Here are some reasons that we believe help set us apart from the competition.

  • Locally Owned and Operated: Easily held accountable for the service we provide
  • Integrity: Our highest priority
  • Great Track Record: We are fully licensed and insured with an unblemished Better Business Bureau record
  • Details: All state licenses and certifications are clear and current
  • Expertise: Above and beyond the state licensing minimum requirements we hold certificates of advanced training from Purdue and Texas A&M Universities. We continually attend industry training and seminars throughout the U.S. If you’re paying for a professional company expect the best.
  • Commitment to Customer Service: We don’t believe in empty promises. The relationships we develop with our customers are the foundation on which we built this company. We are never more that a phone call away, even after the service is completed.
  • Non-aggressive Sales Policy: We maintain a strict non-solicit sales policy, which means we will never pressure you to contract services with our company or use sales tactics to compel you to enter into contract immediately over the phone or on site. We pride ourselves in providing potential customers information they need to help make an informed educated decision.
  • Fair Assessment Guidelines: Since no two pest problems are exactly alike, each project or property is assessed on the individual needs of each customer on a case by case basis.
  • Unbiased Pricing: Our pricing is based on the actual merits of each project rather than by a standard rate card, not the price of our competitors or our competitors’ ability/inability to undertake a project.
  • Warranties Included: All of our pest control, termite, and special services warranties are in writing.  Since our warranties are included with the actual service for each of our projects you need not worry about any hidden costs.



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