• American Cockroach

    American Cockroach

    The American cockroach is also called a waterbug, the Bombay canary, and the Palmettobug. It is worldwide in distribution.

  • Australian Cockroach

    Australian Cockroach

    Closely resembles the American cockroach in size, appearance and general habits but is not as tolerant of cold.

  • Brownbanded Cockroach

    Brownbanded Cockroach

    Brownbanded cockroaches get their common name from the plate brown bands across the wings of adults and the body of…

  • German Cockroach

    German Cockroach

    By far the most common of the cockroaches. It has been implicated in outbreaks of illness.

  • Oriental Cockroach Adults

    Oriental Cockroach

    Commonly called a black beetle, waterbug or shad roach.

  • Smoky Brown Cockroach

    Smokybrown Cockroach

    Common in the southern states and southern California.


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