BoxelderBoxelder bugs are considered fall pests but it’s in the spring when the adults lay their eggs, and as they hatch the immature nymphs appear bright red. They feed on sap and seeds from Boxelder and Maple trees. Boxelder Bugs often go unnoticed until fall when they appear on homes in great numbers looking for a place to enter for the winter. Gaps in siding, soffits, vents, and peaks are particularly vulnerable. These bugs will not bite, nor will they infest any household articles, or cause damage, other than possibly leaving stains of excrement – this insect is only a nuisance. Over the winter they will not multiply, but they may wake up in reaction to heating systems or direct sunlight.

To offer relief from their infestation we have equipment able to provide a full exterior application to all surfaces on your home from the roof down, not just around the first floor windows as others do.  This gives us the advantage of being able to eliminate greater numbers before they find entry to your home. This is sometimes referred to as a “power spraying”.

Some homes with stucco, brick, or light colored siding with south or west exposures seem more susceptible to these bugs sunning themselves. Exclusion can aid in reducing numbers that get indoors. If large numbers are present every year, removal of female boxelder plants should be considered because this is the major host plant for them.


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