Culex sp. MosquitoWith the increased awareness of West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases, the demand for control of mosquitoes has increased. The most effective control of these insects and the diseases they can carry is through a comprehensive, integrated mosquito control program.

We offer single treatments for events like weddings and picnics, or seasonal treatments designed for continuous control. We give honest evaluations with honest expectations – we know that we cannot keep 100% of mosquitoes from your yard. But reducing standing water, removing excess yard waste, and keeping gutters clean, are just a few things we will recommend combined with treatment for the best achievable results.

We were one of the first in the state of Wisconsin licensed to handle mosquito remediation. Through our 10 years of experience, trial and error, and our reputation of an environmentally responsible approach to protect your family and pets, we have developed the most effective program available.

By using a misting machine instead a sprayer we can apply a fine mist (5-30 micron) size droplet opposed to a droplet size of 250-350 microns. This allows us an advantage to cover the underside of foliage where mosquitoes rest, and higher up and more thoroughly while using 30%-50% less pesticide with minimal run off and drip compared to regular spraying.

We have developed a three-product solution: one Lambda-cyhalothrin to kill adult the mosquitoes, one surfactant to aid the pesticide to adhere to treated surfaces longer, and one all natural repellant to repel new mosquitoes from entering your yard. It is against the law for anyone say “pesticides are safe.” If someone says that to you, tell them to leave.

Notice: Wisconsin Department of Trade and Consumer protection

Licensing Requirements

Pesticide application businesses that offer mosquito control must meet the following requirements:

  • The commercial business must have a current commercial pesticide application business license from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).
  • All pesticide applicators employed by the business must be currently licensed as an individual commercial pesticide applicator.
  • All pesticide applicators must be currently certified in Category 5.0 – Aquatic and Mosquito Pest Control. Certification in Category 3.0 – Turf and Ornamental is not acceptable for mosquito control.

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