• Acrobat Ant

    Acrobat Ant

    Their name is descriptive of the ant’s habit of raising its body over its head, like an acrobat, especially when…

  • Allegheny Mound Ant

    Allegheny Mound Ant

    Found from Nova Scotia south to Georgia and westward to Wisconsin and Iowa, discovery of this ant’s mounds often leads…

  • Argentine Ant

    Argentine Ant

    Native to Argentina and Brazil, the species was probably introduced at New Orleans via coffee ships before 1891. Now found…

  • Western Bighead Ant

    Big Headed Ants

    These ants get their common name from the exceptionally large head.

  • Carpenter Ant Worker

    Carpenter Ant

    These ants get their common name from their habit of hollowing out galleries in pieces of wood.

  • Cornfield Ant

    Cornfield Ant

    This ant gets its common name from its close association with the corn root aphid.

  • Crazy Ant Worker

    Crazy Ant

    The name comes for the worker’s habit of running haphazardly around a room or building in search of food. Found…

  • Field Ant

    Field Ant

    The largest genus of ants in America north of Mexico. Also called thatching ants.

  • Fire Ant

    Fire Ant

    Able to inflict especially painful bits and stings.

  • Little Black Ant Worker

    Little Black Ant

    Very small in size and jet-black coloration. Found especially in the eastern half of the U.S. and the southern half…

  • Odorous House Ant

    Odorous House Ant

    Gives off a pungent, “rotten-coconut-like” odor when it is crushed.

  • Pavement Ant Worker

    Pavement Ant

    Pavement ants get their common name from their habit of locating their nest in or under cracks in pavement

  • Pharaoh

    Pharoah Ant

    Its name resulted from the mistaken belief that this ant was one of the plagues of Egypt in the time…

  • Thief Ant

    Thief Ant

    These ants nest very near or even in the nest of other ants, which they rob of food.


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