Commercial Services

There is no business like your business.

Having spent many years providing pest management for all kinds of businesses, Pest Management Solutions is prepared to take on just about any challenge. Finding pests in your business may be more than just a nuisance, it could be financially devastating. Whether it be the master kitchen, break room, factory floor, office space, or especially your customer areas, pests cannot be tolerated. While each of these settings has its own potential for a pest problem, we can design a program to fit your unique business and its surroundings.

Pest management in the commercial setting changes from location to location and business to business. Your business platform may be one among many, yet your business plan and location are uniquely yours. For this reason Pest Management Solutions specifically designs each program for the individual business based on a thorough inspection, the elements of your business model, location and layout of the structure.

When applicable, Pest Management Solutions will provide upon request a binder containing:

  • A copy of business license
  • A copy of applicator license
  • A copy of proof of insurance
  • A copy of pesticide labels
  • A copy of pesticide MSDS
  • A graph showing placement of all rodent control devices
  • A customer log to note any problems
  • A complete service report following every visit, noting findings and actions taken
  • A copy of agreement

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A thorough inspection and monitoring are the heart and soul of any good pest management program. Performing necessary structural modifications that limits insects and rodents access to the structure. Finding any harborages, food, water, or sanitation problems that will attract pest is the next step. Additional services may include the application of low impact pesticides, insect light traps, baits, and rodent trapping when and where necessary.

Pest Management Solutions adheres to the pesticide labels (the label is the law) and follows AIB (American Institute of Baking) guidelines to meet any USDA- or FDA-inspected site.


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