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Where do I start? Woodpeckers, ants, box elder bugs, Japanese beetles. The woodpeckers were eating the bugs behind the wood, pecking the wood makes holes for the bird to suck the bugs out. Boxelder bugs from the tree. My daughter was not happy with the 18 bug she sucked up one day. Wife not happy with any of the pests. Called Mike and a week later my wife and daughter were happy! Did an overall killing, set up a program to keep other pests away, and have no problems now. He coordinated his work with the wood repairman that replaced the boards the woodpecker destroyed. He came back at no charge to work with him. Excellent! Punctual, polite, professional, placed us on a program to provide preventive pest problems. No pressure to sign us up, and after about six months feels that we can cut back on the visits now that the pests are under control. Will do intermittent calls if requested at no charge. Very pleased with his work and professionalism.

– Richard G. Brookfield

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