• Arlyn C. Brookfield

    Mike was quick to return my call for a quote. He came at the appointed time, looked everything over, was very friendly and informative and seemed very knowledgeable about his trade. He is the owner and does all the work himself. He will use environmentally friendly products as much as possible, and seemed very concerned about his responsibility using pesticides. He worked with me on pricing, finding a level of service I was comfortable with. He came for the treatment, did the work and charged me less than agreed upon as it didn’t take him as long as he expected it would. Now that is rare! He was very professional, thorough, polite and friendly. I’m having him back to do some additional work. I’m very pleased to have found his pest management service.

    – Arlyn C. Brookfield

  • Mark M. Waukesha

    Mike responded to our pest problem immediately and efficiently. He was very honest with what the problem was, the treatment needed and what the cost would be. We would absolutely recommend Pest Management Solutions to our neighbors and friends!

    – Mark M. Waukesha

  • Christopher M. Germantown

    The last time they came out they removed a big beehive and sprayed for bees around the house. Pest Management Solutions was very good, so we called them back again. They were very responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. They did a good job. They are coming out again very shortly.

    – Christopher M. Germantown

  • Patricia M. Milwaukee

    Mike listened to my concerns, answered my questions and did a thorough site inspection and treatment.  Very satisfied with results and subsequently signed up for quarterly treatments.

    – Patricia M. Milwaukee

  • Amy R. Milwaukee

    Mr Werner responded to my call in a timely manner. He provided me with cost information when asked and made an appointment with me for the following business day. He was very personable and professional. He took samples of the ants to confirm what they were but at the same time told me what options were available. After making an appointment, at my convenience, he showed up on time even though it was a holiday weekend. I was very happy with the service I received.

    – Amy R. Milwaukee

  • Laura J Oconomowoc

    Mike was informative and friendly. His many years of experience made a big difference. I felt both confident and comfortable with his work.

    – Laura J Oconomowoc

  • Theresa R. Germantown

    Mike did a full assessment of the house. He identified two spots that provided mice possible entry into the basement and closed them. He laid traps throughout the basement. He fully explained the entire process, what to look for, how his service is provided. Mike is one of the highest ranked pest control guys in the state. Unlike other services, Mike only provides the service that you need. We haven’t heard or seen a mouse since the first day he was here. We will definitely look to his help with other pests during the summer.

    – Theresa R. Germantown

  • Karen B. Sussex

    We needed an inspection for termites. Mike was professional, prompt and helpful. One company we called wanted to charge us $175 and wouldn’t be able to treat for termites. That is not how Mike chooses to do business. A nice approach from a company that wants to be of service, not just collect a fee. Thank you Mike!

    – Karen B. Sussex

  • Dianna O. Cedarburg

    Mike and I set up the service appointment by e-mail.  He responded quickly and came today to do the work, which took about 45 minutes.  Mike asked questions about the kind of “critters” we found in our home, viewed a couple of samples, and walked around the house inside and out before applying the pesticide products.  He explained what he had done and gave us a sheet with information on the products used. Mike was very easy to work with, and we will definitely use him again.

    – Dianna O. Cedarburg

  • Jerry D. Brookfield

    His work was good, his prices were fair, and everything was fine. The ants disappeared immediately and the treatment was effective.

    – Jerry D. Brookfield

  • Karyn F. Bayside

    Mike, the owner came on time and seemed very knowledgeable.  He was very nice and didn’t pressure me into any additional services.

    – Karyn F. Bayside

  • Aaron C. Oak Creek

    He was here for an hour and a half and walked us through things we could do differently. He didn’t just decide to spray everything and kill it; he actually explained what we could do about our situation specifically. That was extremely helpful. You can tell he’s not trying to take you for your money; he’s trying to help you. He did really well at explaining everything for us.

    – Aaron C. Oak Creek

  • Sarah S. Mukwonago

    Mike is a wonderful exterminator. He is very prompt with his appointments and is very thorough with his work. The pricing is very reasonable. He does quarterly spraying to prevent any bugs from coming around and if we have a problem he comes out to do a touch up. He guarantees his work and is really good at coming by in a timely fashion when there is an added problem. We have had to have him come out one time during the peak bug season to do a touch up. Other than that we have had no problems with any bugs.

    – Sarah S. Mukwonago

  • Brian T. Waukesha

    Mike did a good job.  His prices were extremely fair compared to some of the other people we talked to.  He is a nice guy and he really knows his stuff.  He is fair and honest also.
    He set certain traps inside and outside to catch mice.  We had moles and mice coming into the basement and he helped us with that and we haven’t had any problem with it since then.   He also took down a hornets nest.  He is super nice to work with.  I would recommend him to anybody and I will continue to use his services in the future if needed.

    – Brian T. Waukesha

  • Karen M. Milwaukee

    The owner came to the house and did all the work himself.    It was all accomplished in about 1 hour.    He explained exactly what he was doing and why.  I would use this company again.

    – Karen M. Milwaukee

  • Richard G. Brookfield

    Where do I start? Woodpeckers, ants, box elder bugs, Japanese beetles. The woodpeckers were eating the bugs behind the wood, pecking the wood makes holes for the bird to suck the bugs out. Boxelder bugs from the tree. My daughter was not happy with the 18 bug she sucked up one day. Wife not happy with any of the pests. Called Mike and a week later my wife and daughter were happy! Did an overall killing, set up a program to keep other pests away, and have no problems now. He coordinated his work with the wood repairman that replaced the boards the woodpecker destroyed. He came back at no charge to work with him. Excellent! Punctual, polite, professional, placed us on a program to provide preventive pest problems. No pressure to sign us up, and after about six months feels that we can cut back on the visits now that the pests are under control. Will do intermittent calls if requested at no charge. Very pleased with his work and professionalism.

    – Richard G. Brookfield

  • Rita M. Brookfield

    They were on time and thorough. He also explained everything that he was going to do and then he gave me an overview of the work after he completed it. He also didn’t try to push any other services. Overall they were very informative and I liked the service.

    – Rita M. Brookfield

  • Steve R. Wauwatosa

    They took care of an ant problem. They put some poison on the inside and outside of the house. It was an easy, quick solution. It cleared up our problem pretty quickly. I feel great about them. I would recommend them.

    – Steve R. Wauwatosa

  • Kristen K. Menomonee Falls

    I called Pest Management Solutions after hours and left a message. Mike (the owner) called me back at 8:30 the next morning. We set up a time for him to come out within a day or two. He arrived right on time, assessed my bee issues and went to work. He disabled the wasp’s nest, knocked it down and even took it away with him when he left. He sprayed the eaves and found some more nests I hadn’t seen. Mike was pleasant, professional and easy to work with. He has a lot of options of services he provides, but is not pushy about them. I needed some mosquito control and he came back within the week to spray for mosquitos. I called Mike back today (it’s been a few weeks since the wasp’s nest was done) because I saw some clustering of wasps/bees (I’m not sure what they are). He said they should leave in a day or two. If they don’t, he will be back over to take care of them. He has a guarantee with all of his work.

    – Kristen K. Menomonee Falls

  • Henry F. Sussex

    Mike called to say he was on his way, arrived on time. Went to work after he explained the process. Exceeded my expectations.

    – Henry F. Sussex

  • Carol T. Waukesha

    Mike was very friendly, efficient, and took into account my family’s needs prior to starting the project. Excellent customer service.


    – Carol T. Waukesha

  • Shelley S. Brookfield

    We have used Pest Management Solutions for over 6 years.  Mike is incredibly professional and responsive.  He provides effective monthly service where he sprays only on the outside of the house.  He is the first “bug guy” who hasn’t insisted that the inside of the house be sprayed.  Mike’s theory is if you treat the outside of the home well, you won’t need to treat the inside of the home.  This is important as we have children and a pet.  We’ve also been very pleased with his mosquito spray.  It works!  We feel like we are his only customer because he has come to our home within hours to handle any problem we are having like mice, wasps, bees and a bat.

    – Shelley S. Brookfield

  • Aaron D. Sussex

    They were timely, fairly priced, and did a great job. My house is insect free.

    – Aaron D. Sussex

  • Elizabeth G. North Prairie

    They treated inside and outside the house to control for earwigs, asian ladybugs, boxelder bugs, ants, the works. 

    Mike was extremely polite, knowledgeable and thorough. He explained exactly what he was doing, how long to expect the treatment to work, and how services could work in the future. He discussed all options without putting on a “hard sell”. This treatment worked through late June, when I had him come out again. I will continue doing business with them.

    – Elizabeth G. North Prairie

  • Daniel E. Franklin

    Mike arrived early after calling to make sure that was ok. Took time to listen to concerns and finished up in a little less than 1 hour.

    – Daniel E. Franklin

  • Pat J. Menomonee Falls

    I found carpenter ants.  Their response was quick and effective. One treatment solved the problem. I will call them with any future needs.

    – Pat J. Menomonee Falls

  • Linda J. Cedarburg

    We had Boxelder bugs coming into the house so we called Pest Management Solutions at 262-527-2077.  Mike came out the next day. He looked outside the house and in the basement to see where and how they were getting in. He sprayed the interior and exterior of our home. He explained about the bugs and how they live so we could understand what was happening in our situation.  He told us what to expect after the spay has been applied. He was very knowledgeable about the bugs and the treatment for them. As of now, things seem to be under control, no new bugs. He does guarantee his work and told us to call if we still have the problem. He seems like a very nice and honest person to work with and we would use him it again.

    – Linda J. Cedarburg

  • Michael R. Waukesha

    Mike inspected our property, listened to our input, and then prescribed a treatment to help us deal with the carpenter ants we had been seeing. He educated us about the problem and ants; he was very informative, and provided a treatment. He was very honest and didn’t try to sell us what we didn’t need. He provided us with options if this treatment didn’t work, but he didn’t pressure us at all! He was great. We also have parrots who have delicate respiratory systems. Mr. Werner was very knowledgeable about dealing with this situation. He suggested with use bait or liquid application but no aerosol. He was very cautious, courteous, and educational. My wife and I were very impressed and will pass his name onto others.

    – Michael R. Waukesha

  • Karyn F. Milwaukee

    Mike is great to work with.  He’s courteous, punctual, and straightforward in his assessment of our needs.  We first hired him to address a carpenter ant problem, but have continued to use his services for minor insect and mouse issues in the house.  We have been happy with our results.

    – Karyn F. Milwaukee

  • Paula B. Mequon

    They were very helpful and did not use high pressure sales tactics. He actually left us some traps to use. We were quite impressed with the company. He came out within two days, which was based on our schedule. They were courteous.

    – Paula B. Mequon


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