Western Bighead Ant

Big Headed Ants

These ants get their common name from the exceptionally large head.

  • Common Name: Bigheaded Ants
  • Scentific Name: Pheidole spp.
  • Class/Order/Family: Insecta/Hymenoptera/Formicidea
  • Metamorphosis: Complete
  • Size


    Workers dimorphic, 1/16-1/4" long with minors usually about half as as majors. Queens longer than majors.

  • Color


    Yellowish to light brown to yellowish red to dark reddish brown. Some species with areas of dark red and/or black.

  • Biology


    The majority of species form small colonies. The large mandibles are used to crack the husks of seeds and/or hard exoskeletons of insect prey.

  • Habit


    Only occasionally invade structures and usual nest in the soil.

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