Thief Ant

Thief Ant

These ants nest very near or even in the nest of other ants, which they rob of food.

  • Common Name: Thief Ant
  • Scentific Name: Solenopsis molesta (Say)
  • Class/Order/Family: Insecta/Hymenoptera/Formicidea
  • Metamorphosis: Complete
  • Size


    Workers monomorphic, about 1/16" long; queens about 1/4" long.

  • Color


    Body pale yellowish to light or dark brown.

  • Biology


    Colonies are composed of a few hundred to several thousand workers and many queens. Ants have been found feeding on dead rats and mice and might therefore carry disease.

  • Habit


    Commonly enter structures during hot weather. Nest in small crevices and in woodwork and masonry.

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