Honey Bee

Honey Bee

Honey bees get their common name from the sweet yellowish to brownish fluid they make from the nectar of flowers. Honey bees are also responsible for a large share of insect stings.

  • Common Name: Honey Bee
  • Scentific Name: Apis Mellifera Linnaeus
  • Class/Order/Family: Insecta/Hymenoptera/Apidae
  • Metamorphosis: Complete
  • Size


    Adult worker's body length about 1/2-5/8".

  • Color


    Usually orangish brown to sometimes black with body mostly covered with branched, pale hairs, most dense on thorax.

  • Biology


    Social insects who live as colonies in hives. The entire population overwinters.

  • Habit


    Honey bees are not aggressive. They will attack only whatever seems to threaten the colony.

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