Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jackets receive their common name from their typical color pattern. There are about 16 species occurring in the U.S.

  • Common Name: Yellowjacket
  • Scentific Name: Vespula spp., Dolichovespula spp.
  • Class/Order/Family: Insecta/Hymenoptera/Vespidae
  • Metamorphosis: Complete
  • Size


    Adult workers about 3/8-5/8 long with queens about 25% longer.

  • Color


    Abdomen usually banded with yellow and black, several species are white & black, 2 northern species marked w/ red.

  • Biology


    Social insects who live in nests or colonies of rounded paper combs.

  • Habit


    Most of the species are ground nesting, however some occasionally nest in buildings or on shrubs.

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